Fu Fei Converter & Muffler (Taishan) Co., Ltd. was established in 2008 by its headquarter Liang Fei(Sound Ware)Industry Co.,Ltd. in Taiwan, who is manufacturing exhaust systems for local Taiwanese market and Soon becaming one of the first exhaust manufacturer that exports to the world.


Fu Fei is located in Taicheng, Taishan City, Guangdong, China-the famous hometown of overseas Chinese,with excellent geographic position and convenient transportation.It covers and area of 68,000 square meters,with building area of 20,000 square meters.


We specialized in producing exhaust manifolds,catalytic converters,cat-back systems,mufflers and tail pipes for automobile, motorcycle and other vehicles. Under the joint efforts of all staffs more than 8 years, Fu Fei has become one of the biggest and most professional manufacturers in car modification field.


Our company has the ability to provide you with more competitive prices, wider range of products and trusted quality.


富飞净化消声器(台山)有限公司,位于中国著名侨乡广东省台山市,其地理位置优越,交通便利。我司主要生产汽机车排气系统、消声器、三元催化器、排气歧管以及汽车相关零部件等。总公司良飞工业有限公司(台湾)成立于1986年,专业制造排气系统,为了在市场上提供品质更好,价格更优惠的产品,于2006年投资兴建富飞净化消声器(台山)有限公司并于2008年正式投入生产。公司凭借多年的生产技术与管理经验,加上全新的设备机台,迅速发展成为行业领先。近年新增3D扫描仪以及组建专业的新品研发团队,产品与时俱进,相信我们的不懈努力定能为您提供最合适的产品。 我们的专业、技术与品质值得您的信赖。